Halloween Hacks with Arrowhead Athletics

Any of us with our own little Trick-or-Treaters know how important it is for them to have a fun, cool, costume to wear on their special night.  Every year, I wrack my brain trying to come up with the next great idea for my little guy.

Most of us probably remember the make-shift mummy costumes from back in the day; they were made of toilet paper or old medical tape from the back of the medicine cabinet.  What always happens next?  It falls apart by the time you reach the end of the block, or you have a night of peeling sticky adhesive off your clothes and skin at the end of the night.  Not fun.

Then it occurred to me: non-stick wrap!  What a great upgrade!  Non-stick (cohesive) wrap would be perfect.  It holds up better, and it's easy to remove when it's time.  

He was so excited!

The novelty of getting wrapped up in tape was not lost on this bouncy 5-year-old!  Yours will have a lot of fun with it too. This is also a convenient option for any of you parents out there who don't have the time or ability to make something custom (I know I don't!).  

He stands about 3'8", and this mummy wrap called for 6 rolls of 3" tape (Arrow Flex Co 3" to be exact) 



Don't worry about any ouchies when it's time to unwrap. This tape is safe on skin, hair, and even delicate fabrics.  He didn't feel hot all wrapped up either.  This probably would have been different if I layered it more.  Plus, it didn't impede his movement, or leave an unpleasant odor, like other tapes.  This is because all of Arrowhead's tapes are made with a sweet vanilla scent built-in!  

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Keep checking in for more Halloween hacks through the month of October!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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