Arrowhead Athletics Mini Packs

Big Things.  Small Packages . 



At Arrowhead we appreciate that sometimes you want to find a solution that is portable, cost effective, and just the amount of product you need.. Sometimes, that's not a whole case of tape.  We can help with our mini packs - packages of 2-6 rolls that can travel with you easily to the gym, the field, and everywhere in between. 

Our mini-packs come in both a lightweight cardboard (for rigid tapes) or a heavy corrugated carrying case for protecting stretch rolls and cohesive that tend to be softer.  Both are useful when you don't need a full bulk case, or want to try a few different tapes without committing to just one.  

This is the perfect product design to try our groundbreaking ArrowFlex Cohesive wrap, or a new adhesive stretch tape such as Lite Guard, Thin Flex or Elasti Guard. You can also try our Split Roll tape, a unique solution for taping fingers and toes

Enjoy our products - proudly made in the USA!