Co-Stretch - Lightweight Cohesive Athletic Tape/Wrap
Co-Stretch - Lightweight Cohesive Athletic Tape/Wrap
$ 19.95

$ 25.95

Co-Stretch - Lightweight Cohesive Athletic Tape/Wrap

Economy and Performance in Arrowhead Co-Stretch

Co-Stretch is our lightweight economy cohesive stretch tape, which carries all the same features as our Arrow-Flex cohesive, including best-in-class grip to self, easy hand tear without scissors, and the ideal combination of softness, stretch and support.  Our cohesive tapes are perfect for joints, fingers and toes, where Co-Stretch provides support while allowing movement, and can be stretched to a low-profile covering and wrap.  


  • Water-proof:  will not lose its self-stick in water or with sweat, even if submerged completely
  • Easy unwind off the roll, from beginning to end
  • Fresh smell and stable chemistry make for a long shelf life and no fishy smell over time
  • Sticks to itself, but will not stick to skin, hair, or clothing


A case of Co-Stretch contains 24 rolls of white tape, each roll measuring 5 stretched yards.  Co-Stretch is made with natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reaction.

Proudly Made in the USA