athletic tape, Lite-Guard White Stretch Tape Case, Arrowhead Athletics
$ 46.75

Lite-Guard 2" Stretch Tape - White

Lite-Guard Premium Stretch Tape is light-weight, breathable and highly conformable.  Our LG Tape features excellent elongation, easy unwind and tear, roll after roll, and uses a durable construction which wears well under even intense use.

Lite Guard has been popular for crossfit (hook grip and finger wrapping), combat sports and MMA, rowing (for fingers and hands), and anywhere that a joint would benefit from some support, but where movement is still needed

Our 1" roll is popular for applying to individual digits (fingers, toes) where wider rolls may provide too much coverage for the user's preference.

Our 2" and 3" rolls are suitable for covering larger areas, such as hands, wrists, ankles, knees, and any other area where performance may require a high degree of stretch in a tape

Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex. Proudly made in the USA

Our 2" case contains - 24 rolls, 7.5 yards per roll