athletic tape, Thin-Flex Black Tape Starter Pack, Arrowhead Athletics
$ 18.50

Thin-Flex Black Tape Starter Pack

Thin Flex is one of Arrowhead Athletics' Signature adhesive stretch tapes.  Thin-Flex has found extremely broad use at the professional, collegiate and personal level in pursuits that range from football to gymnastics to basketball, to crossfit and combat sports, to opera and theater.  

Thin Flex has an extremely low profile (hence "Thin"!), and nearly disappears when applied under clothing.  It provides strong support, tears easily, and stands up well to wear and stress. Thin Flex also tears well lengthwise - meaning you can use this tape as 2 inch (whole) or 1 inch (torn lengthwise) strips.

Not made with natural rubber latex.

Please select the width of rolls you would like to include in your starter pack

-12 rolls of 1 inch Thin-Flex

-6 rolls of 2 inch Thin-Flex


Made with Pride in USA