athletic tape, Thin-Flex Cohesive Tape - Beige, Arrowhead Athletics
athletic tape, Thin-Flex Cohesive Tape - Beige, Arrowhead Athletics
$ 34.95

Thin-Flex Cohesive Tape - Beige

Thin-Flex Cohesive is a unique construction of a self-adhering tape, developed with a high-grade stretch cotton fabric.  We use the same premium fabric seen in our Thin-Flex Adhesive tape, but with a latex cohesive application to deliver performance where an adhesive may not provide the right performance.  The main use of Thin-Flex Cohesive is in athletics, where it provides

  • Extreme strength
  • Stretch to conform to joints and body contours
  • Low-profile thickness, allowing the tape to hide easily under garments and gear
  • Quick tear (across both directions of the tape)


Thin-Flex Co is also used in veterinary needs, body and hair wrapping, and other performance applications.   In the veterinary space, our Thin-Flex Cohesive is stronger than most alternatives (for example, Thin-Flex Co's tensile strength is 50% - 100% higher than major competing products based on our lab tests)

Thin-Flex Cohesive is Thin for superior flexibility and comfort.  Its strong cohesive bond provides immediate, strong grip and excellent elongation. Easy to tear, also tears lengthwise. If you try tearing other cohesive tapes the way you can tear Thin-Flex Cohesive, you will need scissors!
Made with Natural Rubber Latex. 

Choose from the following Thin Flex Cohesive Beige options:

  • 48 rolls per case.  Each roll is 1 inch wide and 6.0 yards long.
  • 24 rolls per case. Each roll is 2 inches wide and 6.0 yards long.
  • 16 rolls per case. Each roll is 3 inches wide and 6.0 yards long.

Made with pride in the USA.