Arrowhead Just Got a Little More Hairy

Posted by Heather Garcia on

We have just launched the all new Arrowhead Animal Health product line! We are making tapes for both our human and animal friends, and we are just doggone excited! Arrowhead Athletics has been around for over 34 years. We've been in the business of supplying performance tapes and wraps to athletes worldwide. We are now delighted to introduce our newly formed Arrowhead Animal Health division which now offers a complete line of adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps to improve the comfort, recovery, and protection of both small and large mammals.

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Arrowhead Athlete: Connor Griffin (Crossfit)

Posted by Jonathan McEuen on

A big, warm welcome to our newest Arrowhead Athlete, Connor Griffin. Connor is a fitness trainer, as well as a competitive crossfit athlete.

Arrowhead Athletics sponsored athlete Connor Griffin, crossfit competitor

Arrowhead Athletics sponsored athlete Connor Griffin, crossfit competitor Arrowhead Athletics sponsored athlete Connor Griffin, crossfit competitor
Reebok Crossfit Games 2017

Birthday, Current Hometown

August 2nd, and I'm from Dedham, MA.


How did you discover crossfit / olympic lifting

I found Crossfit through one of my friends mom telling us to try it out.


Pre-training ritual

My pre- training ritual usually is having a smoothie and playing some music to get me fired up to train.


Recovery ritual

My recovery ritual is on non training days i like to eat some dessert.


Favorite conditioning movement or lift

My favorite conditioning movement would be running and my favorite lift would be the snatch.


Favorite Arrowhead Tape

My favorite arrowhead athletic tape would be the black stretch tape.


How do you use Our Tape in Crossfit/Lifting/Training-

I always put the arrowhead athletic tape on my thumbs, when I Olympic lift.


What are your competitive goals in 2017?

My competitive goal for 2017 is continue to improve mentally, physically and spiritually. Also would like to compete in the Granite Games as well.

Arrowhead Athletics sponsored athlete Connor Griffin, crossfit competitor


Favorite music for training and competing

My favorite training music would definitely be Drake.


What is important to you outside of training and competing?

What's most important to me is my family, friends and my girlfriend. 


A couple of my all-time favorite quotes:

"Everybody wants to be a beast, until it's time to do what beasts do!" - Eric Thomas 

"You merely adopted the darkI was born in it, molded by it."- Bane



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Arrowhead Athlete: Stavros Kalogirou (Crossfit Masters)

Posted by Jonathan McEuen on

We are proud to announce a new Arrowhead Athlete, Crossfit Masters Competitor Stavros Kalogirou.  Stavros is many things - an athlete, a husband, a dad, and a public servant and protector in his community.  We are proud to support Stavros in his competitive goals and training, and invite you to get to know him better.
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Featured Athlete: Diane McKinney of CrossFit North Fulton

Posted by Jonathan McEuen on

When I turned 50 years old I had my first bone density test which showed osteoporosis.  My doctor told me to go do some weight bearing exercise. I was a power walker at the time. A friend of mine told me about Crossfit but it looked hard and scary. It took me over a year but in 2010 I finally went to the local Crossfit, Crossfit North Fulton, and never looked back! 

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Featured Gym: Crossfit Boston Iron and Grit (Massachusetts)

Posted by Gerard Connors on

In 2011 I applied for my affiliation but I didn't really know what it meant at the time. I wanted to start an inner city program for at risk youth. I never thought I would own my own "BOX" but here I am running my own business and the non-profit program for at risk youth.
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